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Pilion Trust – The Crashpad Shelter Appeal


We at The Pilion Trust would like to let everyone know that The Caledonian Road Methodist Church are NOT throwing The Shelter Me! Young Person’s Crash Pad out…
They kindly let us use the basement of their church during the winter months December  РApril.

The Crash Pad fits in around the churches life and we would like to categorically state THEY ARE NOT THROWING US OUT and take this opportunity to send them a very warm thank them you for their generosity; help and partnership work.

Due to the government’s hard line policies on young people and charities creating hardship and increased homelessness which we foresee as becoming a long term all year round issue.

We have found that there is an urgent need to continue the work we have been doing and so are looking for another more permanent and suitable building.

It’s not the churches job to have to house young people all year around.

The Caledonian Methodist Church were the only people who came to help The Pilion Trust and these young people during the freezing spell of 2010/11 and our CEO spoke to a lot of people and our relationship has been built up since then and we are pained that people have misunderstood the serious and primary reason for the video, which is to highlight the plight of the young people and not to malign the very kind hearted actions of The Caledonian Road Methodist Church and their congregation.

Shelter Me!


The Young Person’s Temporary Crashpad opened on 22nd December 2011 and will remain open for as long as we have the funds. The Crash Pad is located at The Cally Church N7 9BG on the junction of Caledionian Road and Market Road. Contact Project Co-ordinator Jackie O’Neil on 07800 871 467 to find out if there are any available spaces. The Crash Pad is based in Islington; but is NOT Borough specific if you are aware of a young person 17 to 25 who is homeless and in trouble and in need of some respite in a safe environment while their problems are hopefully resolved please do contact Jackie to see if we can assist the young person in any way.
If you are a person who understands community and the importance of supporting the next generation and this is an area in which you feel as passionate as we do and would like to support the Shelter Me! Youth Crash Pad in any way big or small please feel free to contact Jackie and either ask what assistance she requires or offer what appropriate support you feel comfortable with offering.
A very big Thank you to ALL who have supported us so far and to all who continue to support and those who will support us in the future.
Finally a very big Thank you comes from the kids in the Shelter Me! Crash Pad.