Fuck The Poor?



Fuck The Poor?



Charity asks Londoners to put their money where their mouths are in controversial ‘Fuck The Poor’ campaign


7/04/13 – The Pilion Trust, a charity which helps some of the poorest and most vulnerable,has conducted a social experiment on the people of London to see if we really do care about those who are less fortunate.


A man wearing a sign saying “Fuck the poor” was sent out to the streets of the capital as part of a campaign for the charity by advertising agency Publicis. Londoners were secretly filmed taking the man to task for the offensive statement.


Afterwards, the man flipped his sign over so that it read “Help the poor” and he proceeded to ask for donations – but this time people completely ignored him.


The film of the social experiment is being posted on youtube on 7th Apriland will be released in cinemaslater in the month.


The campaign message is: “We know you care. Please care enough to give.”


Savvas Panas, the Chief Executive of the Pilion Trust, said: “As a charity that has been severely affected by the nationwide decrease in charitable donations (20%) and Government cuts (60%).


We understand that some may be shocked by this footage. We are more offended however, that people across the United Kingdom are living in adverse poverty.”


Andy Bird, Executive Creative Director of Publicis said, “The Pilion Trust is a small front line charity without the budget to make itself heard in paid-for media, and also loses out on high street donations, so we helped them to make a film that highlighted the discrepancy between peoples attitude when confronted with injustice and bigotry about poverty, and then their apathy when asked directly to help do something about it – donate.’


24hr D.J People – Non-stop Live Show on Opticalradio.net


24 hr long DJ marathon LIVE on Optical Radio to raise money for the Pillon Trust – A charity that looks out for the needs of homeless people. DONATE –> http://www.opticalradio.net/contribute.php

A team of four well respected underground music artists are putting on a radio show on community radio station Optical Radio. For the first time the radio will broadcast non-stop for 24hrs LIVE and we will be DJing continuously for the whole time to raise money for the Pilion Trust’s, specifically for the Crash Pad project.

The Crash Pad Youth Shelter is running 7 day per week for young people 17 to 23 yrs old who are in crisis, fleeing violence, leaving care and other institutions and who are at risk if left on the streets. They stay at the shelter for 28 days and in that time the shelter team works like crazy getting them into school, work or apprenticeships. Deal with all their other needs and house them before they leave.

This 24hr show will be held in the Old Deptford Police station which was given to the community for all sorts of community activities and events.

Experiencing homelessness at Christmas time is such a lonely and horrible feeling for them, but just a thought for us.
Please give whatever you can, anything you do give will go to the Pilion Trust 100% and that is a promise!

In return we will give you the musical journey of your life with some really top and well respected DJs you may have heard of (watch this space).

Main DJs on rotation

>>> DJ Trashman (Optical Radio)

>>> Gizelle Rebel Yelle (Stay Up Forever/Optical Radio)

>>> Dutti B (Tunnel Crew/Phuture Motive)

>>> Louise Plusone (Distant Planet)

If you run your own business and will be operating for business on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th of December, please support us by tuning in to the LIVE show for all to hear at your place of work.

Tune in at http://www.opticalradio.net/contribute.php

Aspireta Training Associates & Pilion Trust Training Centre..Current Training


Aspire Training Associates ContactNick Brown, MSc, FRSPH (Director)
Mobile: 07930 375586
Email: nickb@aspireta.co.uk
Website: www.aspireta.co.uk

The Pilion Training Centre

In association with The Pilion Trust, our new Training Centre, offering Asdan accredited awards, has been opened in Highbury. We are working with young people who have experienced homelessness. The aim of the project is to develop self-esteem through a program of training and development. The Personal Progress qualification is being used to underpin and validate the individual progression of each of the young People

We plan to develop this project in the coming year to work with anyone who has experienced homelessness and disadvantage that would benefit from a combined employability and self-development program.

The Pilion Trust is a Charity that works with marginalised and vulnerable young people, adults and families. Across all of our Services in 2012-2013, we advised, advocated and supported over 5,000 people and families to be able to improve their lifestyles.

Pilion Trust is based in the borough of Islington but works across London Boroughs.
Aspire Training Associates Contact

Nick Brown, MSc, FRSPH (Director)
Mobile: 07930 375586
Email: nickb@aspireta.co.uk
Website: www.aspireta.co.uk

Royal Society of Public Health
Centre Number 4343

Coming Soon!
Apprenticeships (intermediate and advanced) in Housing and Hospitality.

Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH)
In addition to the City & Guilds and ASDAN qualifications we can offer, we can also off the following awards from the RSPH. Again we offer the following qualifications with full training;
Levels 1 and 2 Food Safety Awards
Levels 1, 2 & 3 Health & Safety Awards
Levels 1 & 2 Health Promotion and Awareness awards
Aspire City & Guilds Training Centre

We now offer the following qualification, with full training for both the individual and groups of candidates. The assessment process for all candidates can either be in paper based portfolio format and on e-portfolio.
Level 2 Health & Social Care Diploma – 4222 – 21
Level 3 Health & Social Care Diploma – 4222 – 31
Level 2 Housing Certificate – 6207-02
Level 3 Housing Certificate – 6207-03
Level 3 Housing Diploma – 6207-04
Level 3 Certificate for Health Trainers – 7562
Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health
and Social Care – 3978
Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Advice and Guidance – 3569 – 04
Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Advice and Guidance – 3569 – 03
Level 3 TAQA – Assessor Award – 6317
Level 4 TAQA – IQA Award – 6317

Prices – prices are tailored to individual circumstances and requirements so please contact us for more information.

City & Guilds
Centre Number

Training Venue – All Training can be delivered at your choice of venue when a minimum of 6 candidates are being booked onto the same qualification. Please call us to discuss.

E-Portfolio Goes Live
The e-portfolio system from Pearson is the system we have chosen after looking at a number of different electronic portfolio systems. All our City & Guilds accredited qualifications will be available on this system.

It means that we can offer each of our customers the choice between having an electronic or paper-based portfolio that best meets individual choice and circumstances.

The accreditation and certification of these awards is completely with City & Guilds.


Aspire Training Associates | Aspire to Achieve
Aspire Training Associates can help you attain the qualifications you need to succeed in the vocational sector

The Butterfly Effect – Benefit Party


The Butterfly Effect – Benefit Party

The Butterfly Effect ~ Benefit Party

The Butterfly Effect ~ Benefit PartDJs kindly offering us thier time and talent in no particular order; Nomad Spectrum, Maxx, Pat Hurley, King Azid and John Mitchell. ♥ Tickets will be £9 plus bf or £10 on the door. “Butterfly Effect; n 1. (General Physics) the idea, used in chaos theory, that a very small difference in the initial state of a physical system can make a significant difference to the state at some later time” So we decided to throw a benefit party to raise some much needed cash for The Pilion Trust…… if we can make a small difference by donating some time, energy and cash, perhaps the young people who benefit from the amazing work done at the crash pad, can then go on and make a difference with thier own effect on the world :)

The money will go towards funding the ‘Crash Pad-Youth Shelter’. Over the last three years, during the winter months, we have opened a night shelter specifically for young people between 16 and 23 yrs of age who have become homeless. During this period 350 young people have accessed the project; 60% of those had suffered some form of harm and abuse and/or have no family members to support them. Whilst keeping these young people safe from the many dangers of street life and the downward spiral that large numbers loose themselves in; We manage to assess each person holistically for their current needs and future plans. Our “˜Enhanced Community Outreach’ service work tirelessly on housing and other complex issues that may arise including; mental health, sexual abuse, domestic violence and substance misuse in partnership with the Islington Mentoring Aftercare Enterprise who focus on employment, education and training alongside life skills and other meaningful activity.

A short film :

Ticket Link:


Just giving link:


John Mitchell John Mitchell is a UK based Techno DJ and Producer, originally from Dublin in Ireland. He’s been Djing and Producing for many years but since 2010 really started to take Producing more seriously and with a more focused attitude! The result of this was his first release on Synewave Records. It was a privilege for John to be released on Damon Wild’s Avion Returns E.P. alongside the likes of Marcel Dettmann,88UW, Orlando Voorn, Terrence Fixmer, and Pacou. John has releases on labels such as TMMR, Propellant Music, Shout Records and BCR. He has remixed for many of Techno’s up and coming hard hitters such as Delko, Kereni, Ross Alexander, and WoRX. With his productions people can expect Dark Grooves and non compromising Techno with many different influences from the World of Techno. At the moment John is working on new dark and innovative Techno sounds and laying down his fast paced and varied DJ mixes for his Death Proof Radio show on Fnoob each month.

Maxx Maxx has been doing what he knows best for the last fifteen years: DJing and producing pioneering, head-banging techno to an ever-increasing, dedicated crowd of revellers that appreciate his creative flair and unique DJing skills. Having cut his cloth in the London free-party scene playing alongside the main protagonists of the techno world, Maxx’s sets quickly cemented his reputation as a technically accomplished DJ with an ear for quality, genre-transcending techno. Not content with a solid track-record of pulling in the crowds at various prestigious venues throughout Europe and beyond as the headline DJ, Maxx has also been showcasing his talents as a producer. Indeed, the last few years has seen him at the vanguard of cutting-edge techno with many releases on countless international labels but most importantly, with the launch of his trend-setting label Polymeric he has released tracks that have continually topped the techno charts. Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/maxxpolymeric Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maxx.polymericrecords Twitter: https://twitter.com/MAXXpolymeric

Pat Hurley Based in London, Pat Hurley began DJing in 1992, inspired by the sound of all things techno and instigating a vinyl addiction that continues to the present day. Over the years he’s played for many soundsystems and clubs as well as promoting his own events. He got his first gigs with People 4 People and has played for Unsound, Shtonka, hardware, The Satellite club, Insanity, Pendulum, Parallel Youniversity, Absolute, Redeye, One Louder, Uber, Mindscapes, Defcom 1, Fabric, Analogue City, Techno in the City, Family Groove, KSS, E1 sound and many more. He’s also played all around the UK including the Glastonbury festival and abroad in France, Holland, Spain and Japan. He runs the Open Source record label, on which he’s released a number of his own productions as well as tracks from artists such as Mike Humphries, Jeff Amadeus, Maxx, Sunil Sharpe, Tearz, and Sebastien Marx. He presents the Wired Radio Show on the last Saturday of every month 5pm – 7pm on http://www.reelrebelsradio.com

King Azid UK Acid Techno DJ and general mad bastard. ( No kidding ,Ive got the paper to prove it :-) I started raving back in Leeds in 89/90 and got into the warehouse scene in Blackburn. I eventually moved to Slough ad started DJing. I always loved the Acid/Techno tracks at raves ad once I was introduced to the London warehouse scene its been Acid/Techno ever since. I started playing in the free party scene in London with virus or ultavirus as they were originally known. Also played with Mainline, Jibba (Where are you now Jake?) and with the Slough massive. Memorable moments were NYE at Manor House playing with UNSOUND. Influences and Inspirations: SPIRAL TRIBE. I still love the free (Not so free nowadays) partys and regularly hit London for a squat party. Respect to the dedicated.

Nomad Spectrum Nomad Spectrum who produces a spacey dark flavour of techno with a number of releases on Rough Rabbit, Sonic Boom, Viral Outbreak Digital and Dark and Sonorous with more releases in the near future. He can be heard on various Podcasts with his own monthly shows playing flowing, ambient, dark, experimental and hard techno Nomad Spectrum has gigged extensively in London, the home counties and Europe since the early 90s Also he is the Director of Fnoob Techno Radio a popular internet channel with over 200 residents he is also the co-founder of subsekt.com a techno production community, which has a forum,blog and podcast



Finding Safe Spaces – new project for LGBTQ+ rough sleepers


Originally posted on The London Queer Social Centre:

Our friends at awesome queer homelessness organisation Stonewall Housing (an independent charity with no connection to smug classist transphobic wankers Stonewall, who make the bus adverts) are starting a new project to improve the way they can help and support LGBTQ+ people who sleep rough. Existing projects such as No Second Night Out often don’t recognise the specific needs of queer rough sleepers and Stonewall Housing want to change this.

Last year, 78 people who called us for housing advice told us they were rough sleeping. A further 143 said they were part of the hidden homeless, unknown to housing services, who were living in insecure and often unsafe spaces.

Finding Safe Spaces is an innovative new project working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* people who experience rough sleeping in Manchester, Brighton and East London.

Funded by the Homeless Transition Fund, we will:
speak directly with LGBT* rough sleepers…

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